Bladder Control Solutions for Active Men and Women

Product performance and dignity should go hand-in-hand.  That's why we created Attends Discreet, our most discreet line of products for varying lifestyles.

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For active, social people, incontinence and bladder leaks don't have to slow you down.  Attends Discreet was designed to help maintain your dignity while offering secure protection that only you will know you're wearing.  This line of products includes solutions for men and women that have light to moderate incontinence.  Whether you prefer a bladder control product, male guard or protective underwear, we made sure that discretion was top-of-mind.  From a full length adhesive strip on all pads to keep the product securely in place, to full-belly elastic waistband on our protective underwear to keep it feeling like regular underwear.

Premier Features

Premier Product Range

Attends Premier - created for those who expect the best out of their absorbent products. This line includes Briefs, Underwear and Underpads all of which provide best-in-class performance and experience.


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